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Z&L Premium Pressure Cooker
Z&L Group Co,.Ltd was founded at 1986 and focus on pressure cookers from 1997,who obtained 45 patents on the structure and design of non-electric pressure cookers,covering lids,pot,valves and material,energy saving,to make it safer and more convenient.
1)3 Independent Steam Release System
1:3 Pressure settings+Anti-block filter
2:Safety Value
3:Safety Window+Silicone Sealing
2)3 Enhanced Mechanics System
1:Rotary one-hand opening lid
2:2 Thick symmetrical clamps
3:Heavy Sandwich Bottom
Operating Pressure:
Range of position 1 is from 6.5 psi to 8 psi;
Range of position 2 up to 12.8 psi;
The safe pressure range from 18.9 psi to 23.2 psi.
According a certain answer on Quaro:the operating pressure of electric one may only reach 11.6psi.
It free your worry it would take a long time to cook,and a stove top pressure cooker scores better in terms of accuracy in cooking.
Energy and money saving:Basically, a pressure cooker builds pressure from steam in the pot, thereby cooking food at above boiling temperature.Tests reveal that the energy saved is 40% on an electric or gas stove and up to 75%.It’s said that a nonelectric one saves more energy if you wanna cooks for a long time.
Healthy and delicious:Pressure cooking requires less water compared to other conventional types of cooker and less time compared to the electric one, which means more vitamins and minerals are retained. Additionally, lack of exposure to air prevents oxidation of the nutrients in the food.A stove top pressure cooker also allows you to do the quick cold water release method, which immediately stops the pressure cooking-a special consideration when steaming fish and veggies.
Multi-use cooker:1)Basically,it’s a rice cooker.2)With the steamer basket and stand included,it’s a steamer.3)Replace the stainless steel lid with a 9.45-in glass lid,it can be a slow cooker, stockpot.
The pressure cookers made of stainless steel, making them more durable, meaning longer life-spa.DS24B3 series come with a heavier sandwich base,aluminium sandwiched between SUS 304 (18/8)and SUS 430,so it can not easily get knocked over ,damaged,warps,corrosion,dents,pit or scratches.
The pressure cooker come with more pressure settings, so there is more accuracy and control in cooking use less water as they don’t have vents to let the steam escape .
It come with accessories for more convenient cooking,parts (2 silicone seals, gaskets,stand) are easier to clean smoother, shinier finish
Fear Free About Safety:The Pressure Cookers are Dishwasher Safe PTFE PFOA and Cadmium Free,and it has obtained UL,GS Certifications.
Fit almost all kinds of stoves:Like inductive stove,ceramic stove,halogen cook-top, gas stove and electric stove. And the 2 handles are made of bake-lite make a insulation from the hot cooker.

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