Whole Chicken Slow Cooker Recipes

Cooking a whole chicken is among the most cost-effective methods of using this wonderful bird to make a series of meals. To that end, looking for a whole chicken slow cooker recipes if you do not have a family favorite already uncovers a wealth of delights in the use of herbs, spices and other embellishments that can serve to make the chicken a much more tasty and impressive dish. There is much to be said for the slow cooking method as it serves to bring out the flavors more readily than some.

Although chicken has its own distinct, and very tasty, flavor it is well served by adding other elements, and there is no set rule as to what you can, or can not, add to a chicken for flavor. This leaves the experiment very much up to the individual, and results in a wealth of different recipe suggestions that make this one of the most varied methods of cooking a chicken.

One popular suggestion is to cook the chicken with a sauce made from balsamic vinegar and Worcester sauce, a wonderful combination that adds a tangy taste to the final dish and is perfect for eating with rice. With the addition of lemon juice and a touch of garlic preferably fresh for the best effect and maybe some basil and thyme the result can be quite sublime, and yet the simplicity of slow cooking means that it is all done without complexity or confusion.

A little honey makes for a great addition to the above concoction, bringing out the full combination of the sweet and sour flavors, and some people like to add sesame oil for a nutty, tender aftertaste. As we said, however, the choice is yours and the many different ideas that you can find in whole chicken slow cooker recipes means that there is never a case for not trying your own thing.

If garlic is not your thing try onion for added flavor, and mix and match herbs and spices paprika is excellent with chicken and many others will suffice to create a recipe that is very much your own. This is what cooking is all about finding out what different flavors can do for a simple dish.

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