ten things i hate

ten things i hate

1. people who say bmw sucks. i drive a bmw and i love my car. even if it’s german.
2. people that drive so slow that their indicator lights don’t even switch off if they take a turn

3.cocaïne: too expensive

4. one of my many bosses

5. people who write my first name with two N’s instead of one. if you’re not using anneke, it’s an NOT ann.
Okay, so maybe in english it seems strange. my first name is only two letters long: an. most people write it with three letters. which is not correct.

6. pedestrians that don’t say ‘thank you’ if i let them cross

7. eddy grant

8. jacket for ricky, seen in the CHARITY shop: 50 euro’s. c’mon.

9. friends that keep reminding me how i never pick up the phone. guy’s, i know.

10. parents who exchange recipes at the school gate, i can’t cook. last time i tried to make a cake, all the baking tins melted in the oven

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