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KITCHENACC Grill Pan Scraper & Pan Scrapers Set and Hot Handle Holder

Durable 4 pack grill pan scraper set and 1 pack silicone hot handle holder are a must have for kitchen life. You do not need to choose them separately. Purchase our kitchen tools set with 5 pack with a low price. Great price with great service. Choose us, we offer lifetime warranty and Unconditional return policy.

What in package:
2 x Durable Grill Pan Scrapers (Red, Black)
2 x Durable Pan Scrapers (Red, Black)
1 x Silicone Hot Handle Holder (Red)

Great Features you choose us!
1) 5 Pack in one set, save money save time.
2) Dishwasher safe, easy wash easy store.
3) Easy to use with all kitchen pans.
4) Heat-resistant, makes cookware clean-up a breeze!
5) Worry-free service, buy with confidence.

Using Tips:
*Not intended for use in oven.
*The hot handle holder is made of silicone. Please do not make it too close to flame front, Or let the silicone holde fired by flame.
*Silicone holder is 5.7 inch long and fit traditional-style skillets 10.25-Inches and up.
*Do not use plastic scrapers to clean hot pans directly. Please wait a minute until hot pans into low temperature.

Lifetime Warranty
We offer lifetime warranty in order that you can experience our great products without any worry. If you meet any question while using, please feel free to contact us now via Contact US button on your order detail page! We will make you happy 100%.【PACKAGE INCLUDE】 2 PACK*Durable Grill Pan Scrapers(Red, Black);2 PACK*Durable Pan Scrapers(Red, Black); 1 PACK* Silicone Hot Handle Holder(Red) {Warning:Not intended for use in oven.}
【SUPER DURABLE PAN/GRILL PAN SCRAPER】Durable plastic polycarbonate Frying Pans & Griddles scrapers are heat-resistant to 275℉. The pre-Seasoned pan scraper is dishwasher safe and flexible enough to store away in a drawer.It makes cookware clean-up a breeze!
【ALL-PURPOSE SKILLET CLEANER】Set of 2 GRILL PAN Scrapers have two sets of solid teeth designed to fit any modern Grill Pans;Straight edges and curves for flat and curved areas. Set of 2 PAN Scrapers have 4 different shaped corners for cleaning any shaped pan bowl dish, also ideal gum, sticker remover.
【SILICONE HOT HANDLE HOLDER】The heat-resistant hot handle holder is advanced soft silicone material.No texture on the surface makes it also easy to clean by hand,High heat resistance silicone protects hands up to 450°F.Offers a secure,comfortable grip when handling hot cookware on the stovetop, A hole on the back to hang on.
【Great Using with Hot Handle Holder】Silicone 5.7 inch long hot handle holder is designed to fits Keyhole handle skillets 9 inch diameter and up,and traditional-style skillets 10.25-Inches and up.

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