Onion Soup Close-Up

Onion Soup Close-Up

What to do on a snowy day? Make soup, of course! On February 12, 2017 in Troy, New York, it snowed all day long & is expected to snow through the night. I think we already have about six inches to add to the nine we got a couple of days ago. By morning, they said we might have 15 new inches of snow (but I’m guessing that’s a high estimate). Sadly, the soup wasn’t fabulous, although it was, certainly, acceptable. It called for unsalted beef broth, which I think was a mistake. A pretty soup, though! If you want to play with it, here’s a link to the recipe:


The photo is SOOC, from my iPhone SE. The only thing I did was decrease the size.

On another note, I saw my first Starling at the feeder, today. He visited the suet, twice!

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