My First Homemade Pizza_8174

My First Homemade Pizza_8174

Everything made from scratch. I’ve never even used yeast before. Made the pizza dough the day before and let it sit overnight (as instructed by the YouTube video). This was the perfect "individual" size. It was only about 5 inches across. It would fit on a small plate. I quartered the dough. I’m glad I did as I have 3 more dough balls in the refrigerator. I had recently purchased this pizza pan. I knew it would crisp the dough with its special shape. I sprayed the pan with cooking oil spray.

I bought the gourmet pepperoni, fresh basil, portobello mushrooms, and fresh garlic at a real Italian grocery store that is very popular, and just happens to be in my neighborhood. I topped it with a shredded parmesan strips. You can’t see the homemade red pizza sauce. I got the recipe from Chef John of FoodWishes on YouTube. It is so good! Glad I have sauce left over for the other dough balls in the fridge. I’ll cook the others about 1 minute less.

I really have to get "back to work" on my business, tomorrow (Monday), but it was fun doing this. I love trying my hand at cooking different things. I’m just slow at it, like everything else.

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