Hamilton Beach Set N Forget Slow Cooker 33967

The Hamilton Beach Set n Forget Slow Cooker 33967 is a great kitchen appliance. This slow cooker is an updated version of the crock pot. Some of you may be asking how can you update a crock pot. No mater how you look at it a crock pot is still a crock pot. Yes the stoneware is still the same, but some new features have been added to the metal container that holds the crock pot. Electronics and a meat probe are new features that help make things a little easier for you. Let me explain how this works.

Cooking with the meat probe

The meat probe is for cooking large pieces of meat like roast, chicken, pork or turkey. You insert the probe through a whole in the lid right into the meat. The probe senses the internal temperature of the meat. The electronics keep track of the probe and when it reaches the correct temperature the unit switches from cooking to a keep warm mode. This keeps the meat from being overcooked. This is a fabulous feature especially when you are out shopping or working and you are late getting home. Instead of dinner being ruined your dinner is nice and warm and ready to eat.

The meat probe is easy to use, you insert the probe through the hole in the top of the lid into the meat that you have in the slow cooker. Make sure the probe is in the center of the meat and not touching the bottom. Then just plug the cord into the side of the slow cooker. Now to get things started just do the following steps.

Press ON.

Press Probe. Heat setting will light up.

Press arrows to select heat setting HIGH or LOW .

Do not use Warm setting to cook food.

Press ENTER. The temperature will light up.

Press arrows to select the temperature you want.

Press ENTER . The word COOK will be displayed.

After a 3 second beep the slow cooker will automatically start in 20 seconds.

When the probe reaches the selected temperature the unit will automatically switch to keep warm mode.

That is all there is to using the probe.

The Program mode.

When you do not have a large piece of meat use program mode.This mode is great for soups, stews, baked beans and many other recipes. You set the cook time and the high or low temperature setting, When the cooking time is up the unit will go into keep warm mode. The unit will stay in the keep warm mode for 14 hours after that it will shut off.

The Manual Mode

This mode functions like the traditional crock pot where you set the temperature and you keep track of the time. When you have finished cooking, and you have some time before dinner, you set the slow cooker to keep warm mode.

This slow cooker with the probe and the keep ware mode helps reduce the amount of time that you have to be in the kitchen giving you a little time to sit down and relax before you have to serve dinner. If you have a backyard and its spring or summer why not take a chair out back and listen to the birds sing, or take some time to look at the flowers. You could also have a glass of wine and read some of you favorite book. Life is to short, so why not take some time and enjoy some of life's little pleasures.

After dinner is over clean up is a lot easier the stoneware comes out of the metal container and the stoneware and lid are dishwasher safe. As for the metal container just check it out for any splashes or drips and give it a quick wipe. Do not immerse the metal base in water. The crock (stoneware pot) is microwave and oven proof but the lid is not.

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