Cooking the Very Best Smoked Pork Ribs

Smoked pork ribs are one favorite dish either prepared in the home or ordered at restaurants. The feature of this dish is the smokey flavor that tastes different than any other barbeque dish. Like any other kind of barbeque dish, what is important is the meat texture and the flavor that creates a good barbeque.

A good marinade combines the mixture of the wet and dry ingredients and the addition of a favorite barbeque sauce that can be used to baste the smoked pork ribs with. The type or method of cooking smoked pork ribs is through the use of a wood or charcoal on a barbeque pit or smoker. The slab of uncooked ribs selected for use in this dish should be trimmed off the fat before pouring in the marinade or rubbing the dry marinade onto it.

Commonly used mixture of dry ingredients that can be used in flavoring the smoked pork ribs are black pepper, paprika, salt, chilli powder, sugar, onion powder, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. These dry ingredients should be thoroughly mixed in a bowl to create a balanced consistency prior to rubbing it onto the ribs. For the wet marinade to be put onto all of the ribs, the ingredients that are used are vegetable oil, unsalted butter, ketchup, bourbon, orange juice, cider vinegar, maple syrup, dark molasses and Worcestershire sauce with salt and black pepper to taste to also be added onto the mixture. Combine all of these ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly and consistently.

The dry marinade should then be rubbed evenly onto the smoked pork ribs then placed in a large plastic bag and kept in the refrigerator overnight for the flavor to really sink into the meat. The wet marinade mixture is to be applied the next day before the actual grilling is done to it. The wet marinade will be used to baste the smoked pork ribs continuously during the barbequing process to ensure its flavor is perfect.

The marinated smoked pork ribs should be slow cooked between 200 degrees to 230 degrees F for about 3 to to 4 hours. Keep basting the meat with the wet marinade within the first couple of cooking hours on both sides of the ribs. Flip over the ribs every hour to ensure that they are thoroughly cooked and to prevent them from getting burnt.

There are different ways to further enhance the flavor of the ribs depending on personal cooking preference. One such type of enhancing is to prepare a mixture of glaze made up of bourbon, butter, oil and sugar or honey to be cooked slowly over a stove top then added with sauteed expressions until the mixture has thickened. This mixture could have applied onto the ribs during the last hour of barbequing. Once cooked, the ribs should be allowed to rest or cool for about 10 minutes before slicing the slab of smoked pork ribs.

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